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re: Guild Rules

Becoming a Member
To become a member and full time raider in Purple train you must have the tools to do the job. A High Speed Stable Internet Connection is required. If you do not have a stable connection and you constantly DC during raids then you will be asked to fix the problem. If the problem persists over time then your raiding status will be changed until the problem is fixed. One DC during a raid boss will equal removal from the raid. A Stable computer with up to date drivers and software is required. Problems here will be treated just like internet connection issues. We require all of our raiders to be connected to Ventrillo during raids. We also require them to have Microphones so that they can talk on Ventrillo. All of this needs to be taken care of before raid time. Headphones are required when talking on vent. I expect all of our gamers to play at the top of their abilities.

What we expect from you
We expect all our players to be of a certain skill level. If you routinely under perform we will expect you to improve immediately. Class leaders are there to help you to perform better. Under performing in a raid will get you immediately removed from the raid. If this affects the raid so that they cannot continue then a penalty will be enforced. Constantly under performing will lead to removal from the guild. The opinion of your performance is subjective to the raid and class leaders.

To be a full member of the guild you must have over 80% raid attendance. If you fall below 80% raid attendance then you have one month to fix it. Longer than one month under 80% attendance will result in a demotion to friend status. To become a member again, from friend status you must go through the recruitment process again. However you do not need to reapply. Some cases may be treated differently and a removal from the guild will be used.

When raiding with Purple Train you are expected to know what you are doing at all times. Failure to perform your task in a raid will eventually lead to your removal from the guild. With this in mind you are expected to follow these rules in Raid and as a member. Class leaders will post the needed information on their class forums. You are also expected to discuss these issues with other members and class leaders if you are unsure. Some of these are not required for farming old content, this is determined by the raid leader, so always be prepared for the below.

    You must at all times be a PvE spec during raids. Changing specs must be approved by your class leader and raid leader.

    Have flask and or Elixers to use for encounters.

    Have enough consumables to use during these encounters.

    Be fully prepared for the strat being used.

    All geared with proper gems and enchants.

    Be able to take constructive critisism from your class leader or the raid leader.

    We require Deadly boss mods or Bid wigs and Omen. Plus any other class specific mods.

We expect members to be active on the guild forums. To post when they will miss raids in the attendance forum. Failure to do so will lead to a dkp minus. We expect guild members to read strats on bosses, to participate in guild discussions and to strive to be the best they can be at their role in the raid. They should be active in their class forums and in all raiding strat discussions.

During a progression raid it is prefered that you keep vent clean. During strat discussions we will determine what should be said over vent during the encounter. When discussing strats during an actual raid it is expected that everyone inputs ideas and does not go afk. We expect everyone to know what was discussed and what to do, having to repeat strats is a waste of time. And if you waste the raids time penalties will be given. When discussing strats is not the time to go afk, even if you think you know what to do. With that in mind there will be set times to go afk, use those times to do so. Going afk randomly during trash will not be tolerated, however we do know things come up. If you have to go afk please announce in raid channel you are doing so. Failure to do so will mean penalties and or raid removal. Repeat offenses could lead to your removal from the guild. If you have to leave for longer than 5 minutes it is expected you announce so and leave raid and the instance.

Always respect your fellow raiders. If you have problems with other members of the guild it is on you to resolve these issues. If constant arguments are disrupting our raids then eventually an officer will step in and someone will be removed. These resolutions will not always be fair or impartial. If you would like officer help on a certain argument resolution then it should be handled outside of raid time. We will not stop raids to settle petty arguments.

The ranks of the guild will be as follows. GM, Raid Leader, Class Leader, Member, Recruit, Friend, Alt. The recruitment process will last about 1 month depending on your attendance and skill level. You must adhere to all guild and raid rules during the recruitment process.

A recruit may not win an item over a member and cannot bid on an item. It is expected that they let their class leader know that an item is an upgrade if an item is going to be sharded. We expect everyone to bid on an item if its an upgrade, failure to do so may result in a penalty.

DKP Penalties
Penalties may be DKP minus and or raid removal. But in severe cases could be demotions or removal from guild. This will be etermined by the raid and class leaders. Failure to adhere to these guidlines as a recruit will usually mean you are removed from the guild or that you have to start the recruitment process over.

Certain alts may be considered mains and have seperate dkp pools or joined pools. It is up to the member. There is always strats that require x amount of mages, or a prot pally. I think in many of these special cases some people may run their alts to fill these roles. However I expect these alts to be as good as a main playing. Failure to meet this standard would mean you cannot run the alt as a main.
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